Beyond Liminal Project presents

The Archetypes

Inside our dreams is where the soul becomes revealed. Our fears are challenged and our true Self takes its form. "The Archetypes" is a theatrical take on Carl Jung's ideas of psychoanalysis. Featuring Beyond Liminal Project's signature style of "Segments of Concepts." Thought provoking scenes using dance, drama, live music, and performance art.

Join us and encounter the archetypes inside of you and emerge beyond your dreams with brazen grace. 

Directed and Choreographed by Robert Hidalgo  and Lalitha Cosme

Performed by Lalitha Cosme, Drew Torres, Edú, Amado Marte, Amanda De Feno, Jorge Reyes. and Miguel Jose.

Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018

2pm  @ Kraine Theater 


Beyond Liminal Project

"We do not know where the path we are forging may lead... but we do know, we will not fear what we have created!"

The newly created performance art lab, co-founded by Robert Hidalgo and Lalitha Cosme, premiered their first Showcase entitled, Seek the Mysteries on June 11, 2017 at the Davenport Theatre in NYC. 

It unleashed the mysteries and was a true success!

New projects are underway... So stay tuned! (under construction, schedule for release in 2018)

For any inquiries, collaborative ideas, and projects-- please email: